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Fall 2010 Registration

August 26, 2010

Get ready because FALL 2010 REGISTRATION is Tuesday August 31st & Wednesday September 1st for all current Circus students.

Tuesday August 31st
10 am – 1 pm   FUTURE 8th and 7th Quarter students (Electives for upper quarter students will be posted within the next week with an accompanying notification email. )
2  pm – 5 pm    FUTURE 6th and 5th Quarter students

Wednesday September 1st
10 am – 1 pm   FUTURE 5TH and 4th Quarter students (two days for future 5th quarter students due to the large number of you.  Please utilize as much of Tuesday as possible)
2 pm  – 5 pm   FUTURE 3rd and 2nd Quarter students

**Please know that if you do not register during these two days, you will have to wait until late registration day – September 9th and be charged a $50 penalty.

Speaking of money, please see the forwarded info from our awesome Business Manager- Shoan Finch:

1.    Be prepared to pay your balance when you register – if you are not prepared – get prepared before you get in line – this means whatever phone calls or arrangements you need to make – make them prior to registration otherwise you will be sent to the back of the line or have to register late.

2.    If you need to make any corrections or other arrangements to obtain your FA – do so before registration.  If you do not, you will not be able to register and may have to register late and pay the fee.

3.    Late registration is 09/09/10 – no other day – and it does cost $50.

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