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Job Opening: Career Services Assistant

June 18, 2010

We’re looking to hire a Career Services Assistant here at The Creative Circus.

The Creative Circus graduates the best Creatives in the Industry.

As the Career Services Director my job is to help our talented graduates become employed at the top agencies in the country.
As the Career Services Assistant, your job is to keep me organized, extremely organized.

Every graduate is to be tracked in several computer programs.  We have national portfolio reviews where various employers will fly in to meet our students.  Your job is to manage that process including scheduling their meetings with students.
We have weekly events where scheduled speakers or our national advisory board come to our school to discuss the industry.  Your job is to manage their travel arrangements, and to make sure they are happy.

Part travel agent, part concierge, part computer genius, part events planner, part accountant, part secretary all combine into the daily grind. Our first priority is  years worth of records to be reorganized.  We need you to take charge and not be micromanaged.

Yep, there will be travel.
Yes, I will call you a hundred times to see if you have done a particular assignment.
If you have a passion for advertising, well even better.
No, you will not make six figures.
Must be a morning person with flexibility in your hours.
Opportunity for an extremely organized graduate.
If you don’t know Filemaker or Excel, then do not apply.
Atmosphere is casual and literally a Circus in more ways than one. Promise you will never be bored.
Will work with wonderful people who make a difference everyday.

Salaried position with benefits. Start immediately.
And once again, MUST know Filemaker and Excel.


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