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July 9, 2009

Dear Circusians,

We are back from London and had an amazing, unforgettable experience. We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know a little bit about how we spent our time as ambassadors of The Creative Circus.

The D&AD events (New Blood, Awards Ceremony & after-party) could not have gone better. We signed in Tuesday morning and were instantly recognized as the “kids from the suitcase.” This helped us form a friendship with the D&AD staff that served us well as the week’s events moved forward. We spent that first day exploring the student stands, interviewing staff and students (most students became wide-eyed when we said we were from the Circus), and participating in their workshop series. The second day we spoke to a crowd of 100 people about The Creative Circus and what kind of craziness goes on here. This resonated with the audience and they continued to ask questions about the school after the speeches. The Awards Ceremony took place the following evening, and although both teams walked away with Commendations, we were still unbelievably thrilled to be there. Our smiles must’ve shown because many people at the after-party were interested in hearing our story.

Our time in London away from D&AD was spent trying to get in the door at agencies. Wunderman, Mother, JWT, Breed, Poke, Creative Orchestra were some of the agencies where we represented the Circus name (see their blogs below).

The London Project. We raised over $1,300 – a far cry from our original goal of $8,000. But that money translated into our 1st week’s hostel stay. As far as our mission- the postcards are in the mail, including a Special Edition card addressed to the Circus. Please be on the look-out.

Moving forward, we are excited to begin to sort through the thousands of photos and hundreds of clips we took to document our incredible journey. The end result, we are confident, will be an exceptional piece proving that “Ideas can take you places” and the Circus is where it all comes true. We fully intend to hold up our end and have this piece ready in 1 month’s time.

All in all we had an incredible experience and made the most of every opportunity. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of every member of the student body. We understand the chance everyone took on us as ambassadors and we’re happy to say we represented the school well.

We also look forward to sharing our individual stories with you.

Thank you again,

The London Project Team

Wunderman’s blog:

Brand Republic:

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