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Come see me open for J*Davey and Brittany Bosco this Sat.

March 10, 2009

I mean, it’s not like you’re busy or anything. The show is this Saturday @ Sugarhill in Underground Atlanta. I know most of you will look at this flyer, point out the mistakes (it wasn’t me) and keep it moving but SOME of you might actually want to see some dope live music. Even if you aren’t too sure about me, come see the amazing, talented women that are headlining the evening. If you are unfamiliar with the line up, I strongly encourage you to check the links below. Much love!

Also, me and J*Davey will be spinning the afterparty at The Bureau Bar & Gallery.

Hopefully I will see y’all out at one or both of these events. Good luck with everything and remember to relax, it’s just ads. There will be so many creatives there, you might even shmooze someone into giving you a job or collaborating with you.

Brittany Bosco
Audubon Society(me)

Directions from the Circus to each location are linked above for your convenience. Peace!

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