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November 18, 2008

The Universal Photo Timer is a hand-held photo flash and camera timer controller.

3 in 1 functions:

Acts as an infra-red transmitter used to trigger the shutter, without disturbing the camera. It can be used for long exposures (bulb mode) with many SLR cameras. Can also be programmed to activate the shutter at regular intervals to perform time lapse photography. As an option, you can connect the timer to your camera with a shutter release cable.
It allows you to activate the shutter of your camera or fire an electronic flash with a programmable delay in response to a trigger event. Flash trigger is commonly used for high speed photography such as capturing falling water drops. Flash trigger can be used together with variety of cameras including SLR as well as point and shoot cameras. Construct your own sensors or choose from a variety of our sensors and accessories.

Acts as a flash slave. One of the common uses of a flash slave is providing background illumination through a second flash unit. Select between normal flash or pre-flash synchronization used with digital cameras. The timer supports high voltage and low voltage flash units.

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