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Looking for a Team. (Awesome Apartment for Rent)

September 30, 2008

Hey everybody! I am a recent grad, art director, and looking to move soon and wanted to give my fellow circus students a chance to get this place before the general public. So now I am looking for someone to move in with me for one month or so and eventually take this place over when I leave. It is a great place for saving money and being very close to school. It’s cheap for one person and cheaper for two. Here are some details:

~1300 sq feet, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom.
1208 Woodland Ave, 30324
1.1 miles from the school.
cheap. 695/month ($347.50 if you have a roommate)
Comes with stuff/furniture. (I have a lot of stuff that I could leave behind including a bed and others that i could sell)
PICTURES of it now: (keep in mind it’s messy since my roommate moved out today)

also the landlord is cool and didn’t mind me painting the walls.

So I am open to suggestions, if you have a roommate already in mind we can work something out now, or if you have any other creative suggestions I am always interested in hearing them.

Feel free to call any time or come by. Seriously, call.


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